Welcome. I’m Addey–writer, reader, cat lover, and tea drinker. I live and work in sunny, sometimes snowy, Colorado, and I have a degree in English Literature, magna cum laude with the highest distinction, from the University of Colorado.

I’m a freelance writer and romance novelist in progress. My work has appeared in riverrun, Odyssey, Sleet Magazine, Miss Millennia Magazine, Viewfinder Magazine, Black Dog Review, Vita Brevis, Furtive Dalliance Review, The Adroit Journal, and Scarlet Leaf Review, among others. 

I am currently writing a few romance novels (not all at once, don’t worry.) Hopefully, one of these ideas will become a Hallmark movie one day (a girl can dream, right?)

I’m documenting parts of my journey to publication here on my blog, on Medium, and in my newsletter, Noteworthy. Be sure to subscribe for updates (here’s a sneak peek of said updates: the road to traditional publishing is long and bumpy!)

I have been writing for almost as long as I can remember, starting with weekly creative writing prompts from my mom-turned-homeschool-teacher in elementary school. Since then, there hasn’t been a day in my life I’ve not written something, be that an email, grocery list, blog, or novel chapter.

I love folk music (I’m a sucker for some good ole banjo) and I am an adamant proponent of the Oxford Comma. If we become friends in real life, you’ll also hear me talk endlessly about my love for cats, specifically my beloved Copper (an orange tabby) and Cinders (a gray calico.)